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The Tools I Use Everyday to Build and Grow my Niche Sites

There are tools that I use every single day to help me both build and grow all of my websites. In today’s post I will be highlighting each one of these tools and I will be explaining how I use them.

It is hard enough to build up a successful niche site but, these tools will make it easier to find success and then maintain it. Below are my favorite tools but, I realize that there are unlimited amount of tools out there and I would love to hear from you what your favorite tools are, let me know in the comment section once you finish reading.

Let’s get into it!


This is hands down my favorite tool.

Semrush Dashboard


This is the Swiss army knife for keyword research and I can’t imagine having the success that I have had with niche sites without this tool. This is probably pretty clear considering my last two posts here at NSA have both included the use of Semrush.

How I Use this Tool

There are so many uses for this tool and even more that I haven’t even utilized yet, however, below are some of my favorite ways to use Semrush. You can also read our semrush review here.

1. Track Keyword Rankings

Semrush has many uses but, the main way that I use this tool is to track all of my keyword rankings for each one of my sites. It makes it very easy to see the keywords that have improved, declined and the new keywords that your site is ranking for.

It has a huge database of keywords that it tracks and it makes it very easy to see what keywords your site is ranking for. Every day I plug in my site and check to see what new keywords the site is ranking for.


Under the “Position Changes” section of Semrush, which can be seen in the image above, you can see that I can check the new, lost, improved or declined keywords. This is the best way to track the health of your site in terms of keywords.

2. Website Due Diligence

Whenever I am looking at a possible new site purchase, whether it be from Flippa, FE International or Empire Flippers, I will ALWAYS plug the site into Semrush. This allows me to verify the organic traffic as well as see what keywords are driving the most traffic to the site.

Verify Traffic and Ranking Keywords


I also like to take a look at the pages that are driving the most traffic when I am thinking about purchasing a potential site. If one page is driving 99% of the traffic that could possibly be a red flag and this is good info to know about a site. Semrush allows you to quickly find this info by going to the “Pages” section.

Below is a screenshot of the “Pages” section for a site that is currently for sale on Flippa:

Most Popular Pages


It would be good to know that three pages get the bulk of the organic traffic for this site. Semrush makes it very easy to know this data.

3. Keyword Research

Like I mentioned before, my last two posts here at NSA have been some keyword research strategies that use Semrush and you can check those out here and here.

However, there are other ways to do keyword research with Semrush and that is what I will quickly show you now.

What I like to do is plugin my own site into Semrush and then go to the “Competitors” section:


Once you go to that section you will a full list of other website that are ranking for similar keywords as your own site. This is AWESOME data to work with. Below you can see the list of sites that are similar:


Next, I like to dig deeper into each one of these sites with Semrush and see what keywords they are ranking for that I am currently not. There is a very good chance that you will find some keywords that are related to your site but you have not targeted yet. This is one of my favorite ways to do keyword research.

This is a perfect strategy to implement on a custom niche site that you can buy right here from NSA. I would buy one of these sites and then find all of the related sites and find the keywords that you could try ranking for. This would be the very first thing I would do!

If you want to check out pre-built niche sites that are ready to start earning check them out here!


I love Semrush because there are so many uses for this tool. It can do just about anything that you want in terms of keyword research and it does it well. If there was one tool that I would suggest that you have as a niche site builder it would be Semrush. It is a little more on the expensive side at $70/month but, I think it is well worth that money.

You can learn more about Semrush here.

This is a newer keyword research tool but, I love it.

KWfinder Dashboard


Matter in fact, I like KWfinder better than Long Tail Pro because it is faster and is overall a better tool in my opinion. I also decided to make the switch from LTP to KWF because it is a tool that is 100% in the cloud, meaning that you don’t have to download the program on your computer and instead you can access the tool in your internet browser.

KWfinder is also the perfect tool to compliment Semrush because it does a great job at showing how competitive each keyword is, which Semrush does not do.

You can read a full length KWFinder review here too.

How I Use this Tool

There are two scenarios when I use this tool extensively, one being when I am looking to write new content for my sites and the other being when I am starting a new niche site. Both of these scenarios require me to research how hard it will be to rank for certain keywords and this tool is very good at doing this.

I have outlined both scenarios below:

1. Finding New Keywords for my Sites

One of my favorite ways to use this tool is to load it up with potential keywords that I could target on one of my established websites with new content. I like to see which keywords have a low amount of competition that will allow for me to get easy rankings.

The way I like to go about this is to take all of the possible keywords that I found from Semrush (#3 on the list above) and plug them all into KWfinder.

I will compile a list of possible keywords from Semrush and then I will import them all into KWfinder’s bulk import tool, see below:


Click on “Import to kwfinder” and then it will run all of the keywords, you will then see the screen below:


The green numbers on the right are the difficulty rankings and they show you how hard it will be to rank for that keyword in Google. This page also shows you the search trends over a 12 month period, the top 10 sites ranking for that keyword and the stats for those sites.

Just from this screenshot above, we can see that the keyword “49cc scooter” is only a 19 difficulty which means it could possibly be a keyword I could target. I will run down this whole list and take a look at each keyword.

2. Find Keywords for a New Site

Before I start a new site I will always run the main keywords that I want to target through KWfinder to make sure that I can rank for them in Google. The difficulty ranking that KWfinder uses is, in my opinion, more accurate of the true competition that Long Tail Pro.

Here are some rough guidelines when it comes to using their difficulty rankings:

KW Difficulty Explained

0 – 10: VERY easy to rank for, go for it!

11 – 20: Easy to rank for and it won’t require much to rank for these keywords

21 – 30: Fairly easy but, it will take some time and some links to rank for these keywords

31 – 40: I am weary of these keywords and don’t usually like to target keywords much higher

41+: I stay away from these keywords because it will require a good chunk of time/links to rank

Ideally, I like to have the bulk of my keywords that I am targeting to be under 20 KW difficulty. If that is the case then I will move forward with writing content hat will target these keywords.


KWfinder is a fairly new tool out there but, it is already one of the best keyword research tools out there. I mainly use it for it’s keyword difficulty because it allows me to quickly check how hard it is to rank for a keyword.

The combo of Semrush + KWfinder is a lethal combo when it comes to finding keywords to target with your niche sites.

If you want to check out KWfinder you can do so here.


This is my go-to tool when it comes to link building opportunities.

Majestic Dashboard


How I Use this Tool

I have a couple different uses for Majestic and I will outline them below so you can get a feel for how I use Majestic.

1. New Links

Every few days I will throw each one of my sites into Majestic and check the new links that they may have gained during that time period. Majestic makes this super easy because they have a “New” section that display all of your recently gained links:


Check out the recent links that Niche Site Azon has gotten:


We can see that Doug from Niche Site Project has recently linked to NSA and I would not have known about this unless I used Majestic. This is super helpful because now I can go over to that post where NSA was mentioned and interact with the readers in the comments section and answer any questions people may have.

This same thing goes for all links for everyone one of my sites.

I also like to check to see if Majestic has picked up any new links that I have built or had built for me, such as PBN links or guest post links.

2. Due Diligence for Website Purchases

Just like I do with Semrush, I check every single site that I am thinking about buying in Majestic. This is to make sure that the site doesn’t have any questionable links that could lead to a Google penalty in the future and to just make sure the site is safe.

I also like to see what kind of ranking potential the site has before I buy it. For example, if the site has a trust flow of 40 and citation flow of 40 then I know that I will be able to rank for more competitive terms in the future.

The anchor text ratio is something that I like to look at as well. I like to see the anchor text be natural with not many repeating terms. The more diversified the anchor text the better. Majestic has a whole section dedicated to the anchor text, see below:


Overall, Majestic provides a ton of vital info that anyone should know before purchasing a website.


I would recommend having access to at least some sort of link discovery tool such as Ahrefs, Moz Explorer or Majestic. I prefer Majestic because I found to be the most accurate as well as the fastest to find new links. I also think that the trust flow metric is the best way to measure the credibility of a website.

If you are interested in checking out Majestic you can do so here!

Some of my Other Favorite Tools

The three tools I just talked about Semrush, KW Finder and Majestic are the ones that I use every single day no matter what is going on with my sites. However, with that being said there are some other tools that I use frequently but not on a daily basis. I want to include these tools within this article but, I will not be explaining much about them.

  1. Google Analytics – The best way to keep track of all of my website’s traffic
  2. SERP Book – Online keyword tracker
  3. Google Keyword Planner – The classic keyword research tool that is still useful
  4. AmpedSense – The BEST way to optimize your Adsense ads
  5. Pretty Link – Link cloaker and tracker that I use on all of my sites
  6. Google Search Console – An underrated tool that is awesome for optimizing your site’s SERP positions

Wrapping Things Up

These are the tools that I use day in and day out. They have helped me build up multiple 5 figure niche websites and I continue to use these tools. If you want I can go more in depth with each tool and show you exactly how I use these tools in more detail. If you want to see this let me know!

Thanks for reading.

What are your 3 favorite tools are for building and growing niche sites? Let me know in the comments below!


How I was able to Increase my Adsense Earnings by 74% in 2 Months

When people think of “niche websites” most people think of websites that are monetized by the Amazon Affiliate Program but, today I will be talking about an Adsense site that I own and how I was able to dramatically increase the earnings. Even if you don’t use Adsense to monetize your site this article might get you thinking about giving it a try.

For those of you that do have an Adsense site, you will really enjoy this article and I am confident that you will be able to increase your earnings with the help of this article. Without further ado, let’s get right into the article!

Background Info

This Adsense site is one that I bought a around 7 months ago as an investment for my parents. I am not going to go into all of the details behind this website investment but, if you want to learn more you can read my case study here –

This website was primarily monetized by Adsense and one of the first things I did when I bought this website was try to optimize the Adsense ad placements. The first couple of months I was able to increase the earnings per month but, I was using 3 different plugins to manage all of the ads. I also was also not able to properly optimize the ads for mobile users, which accounted for around half of the site’s traffic.

So even though I was able to slightly increase the earnings I knew that there had to be a better solution to what I needed. That is when Shane, the owner of AmpedSense, reached out to me telling me about his plugin that would solve all of my current gripes I had with optimizing my Adsense ads.


AmpedSense is by far the best plugin on the market when it comes to optimizing your Adsense ads and best part, it’s free to use! There is an option to upgrade to a paid version but, you don’t need to do that when you are just getting started.

There were a couple features that initially intrigued me about this plugin. I will explain each one below:

The Ability to Test Different Ad Layouts

This was huge for me and I couldn’t find another plugin that could help me do this. This plugin allows me to test completely different ad layouts called “recipes”.

This means that I can run two different ad recipes at the same time and compare the results to see which one is performing the best.

For example, take a look at two different ad recipes I ran on my site below:

Ad Recipe #1


Ad Recipe #2


Both of these ad layouts are different from each other and I can run them for a period of time and then clearly see which is performing better. AmpedSense makes it very easy to compare the different ad recipes also, check out what it looks like when looking at the different ad recipes:


Above you can see two different ad layouts that I have been running since Match 24th. One is clearly performing better than the other and I will probably stop the under preforming one here soon. AmpedSense shows all of the important metrics such as the clicks, CTR, RPM and earnings for each recipe.

Bottom line, this plugin makes it a breeze to test and compare different ad layouts which is surprisingly difficult to do with any other plugin.

Display Different Ads Based on Visitor Device

Like I mentioned earlier, around 50% of the site’s visitors were on mobile phones and I wanted to show these people ads that were optimized for mobile devices.

AmpedSense made that very easy to do because you can create ad recipes specifically for mobile devices. This was a major reason for me being able to increase the site’s earnings.

You can also display different ad recipes based on whether the visitor visits a page vs. a post. This doesn’t affect me because 99% of my site are posts but, it could help people that have both pages and posts on their site.

Test Different Ad Colors

Not only can you test different ad placements but, you can also test ads with different colors to see which one is best. I saw a large increase in ad revenue when I changed the ad colors to match my site’s colors.


Check out the image above, I was able to dramatically increase both the CTR and RPM when I switched to ads that matched my site’s colors. I also did the same thing for ads that are shown for mobile visitors, check out the results from that below:


Once again a huge boost in CTR and RPM just by changing the color of my ads. The layout was exactly the same and the only thing that was different was the color of the ads.

Now that you understand what AmpedSense is and what it can do, let’s know take a look at the type of gains I was able to see from implementing these changes.

Results from Using AmpedSense

I have been using AmpedSense for just under 2 months now so we are going to compare the 2 months since I started using it vs. the 2 months before I started using AmpedSense.

Stats from the 2 Months BEFORE Using AS


As you can see. the stats themselves aren’t too bad but I knew they could be optimized more. Now, let’s take a look at the stats since I started using AmpedSense:

Stats from the 2 Months AFTER Using AS


A huge increase across the board.

Don’t just look at the total earnings because that doesn’t tell the whole story because the earnings will increase if the page views increase. However, no matter how many page views you get the Page RPM, click through rate and Impression RPM will always be a great way to judge the how well the ads are doing.

Let’s compare the two months below:


All of the important metrics increased by double digits. The most important growth came in the click through rate, it went from 0.24% up to .40%. This is HUGE because the higher the CTR the more people click on your ads and as you know, you get paid when people click on your ads.

So the boost in the CTR was the major driver for the increase in earnings.

You Should Always be Testing

Even though I have seen some nice improvements so far I know that I can get even better results. I will keep testing different ad recipes and finding the ones that perform better than the others. The plan is to always be testing two different recipes at the same time.

Even if you think you have fully maxed out the earnings for your Adsense site, there is a VERY good chance that you can increase the earnings more. You just have to keep testing and that is why AmpedSense is the best plugin for optimizing your Adsense ads.

Like I said in the beginning of the article, most of you reading this probably only have Amazon Affiliate site’s but I would suggest giving Adsense a test on your site and see if you can get an increase in your earnings. There is a good chance that you could add a couple hundred dollars to your earnings each month just by throwing a couple of ads on your site.

So that is going to wrap up this article, I hope you enjoyed! For all of you that have Adsense sites you will find this plugin absolutely vital going forward, just as I have. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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Increase Traffic by Piggybacking 2nd Page Rankings – Advanced Niche Site Strategy

I have another really cool advanced niche site strategy for you today! I will be talking about how one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase traffic to your niche site in a short period of time.

First, I want thank you all for the awesome feedback and support that you gave me on the last article I posted. You guys are awesome and I am glad that you enjoyed the strategy. I hope that you like today’s one just as much!

How Can you Piggyback 2nd Page Rankings?

The whole idea behind this strategy is to find keywords that are already ranking on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google and try to get them to the first page. Keywords sitting on the 2nd or 3rd page won’t take much to push them onto the first page and that is what we are going to try and take advantage of.

We will push these rankings from the 2nd page to the first page by adding fresh and optimized content to the page that is already ranking that will target the keywords that you want to boost the ranking for. No need for any new backlinks or anything else, just fresh content.

The best part? You won’t have to wait weeks or months to see improvement! Usually within a couple of days you will see improvements in your rankings.

Now that you get the basic concept behind this strategy, let’s actually look at the actual process for putting this strategy to work.

Tools Needed

Before we get into the how-to of this strategy, I first want to quickly explain what you will need.

  • A website that already has rankings in Google (can’t be a brand new site)
  • Semrush (ideally) or Google Search Console (formally Webmaster Tools)

You might have guessed by now but, yes, I love Semrush. It has so many different uses and is the swiss army for anyone building and growing websites. For this exact strategy, Semrush is going to a lot better than Google Search Console because it allows you to export way more data.

Step by Step Guide

I have put together a complete tutorial on this strategy in a video below:

That video will show you each step of the process as I use my own site as an example. If you want the complete process with all of the details make sure to watch the video. With that being said, I will also outline the basic process below for those people that would rather read.

Step 1 – Find Keywords Rankings on the 2nd or 3rd Page of Google

This is where Semrush comes in clutch.

You will need to put your niche website into Semrush and export all of your organic positions into an excel file. This will allow you to manipulate the data so that we can find all of the keywords that fit our requirements.

Once the data is in Excel, you should filter the data so that only the keywords rankings between 11 and 30 in Google are left. This will present to you all of the keywords that we could target. Below you will see an example of my site that is filtered in Excel:


I like to find as many keywords as I can for each page and target all of them. The keywords ranking 11th-15th are best ones to go after because they will take the least amount to get to the first page. Pick a handful of similar keywords for each page that you want to target and move into the next step.

Step 2 – Write Content Optimized for the Keywords

Here you will write 500+ words that targets your keyword(s) and add this new chunk of content somewhere within the page that is already ranking for the keyword somewhere on page 2 or 3. Remember, you are NOT writing a new post but, instead adding fresh content to an old post that is already ranking.

How do you optimize the new content?

Follow the checklist below:

  1. Write at least 500 words of new content. The more the better.
  2. Include the keyword that you want to improve the rankings for somewhere within the 500 words. Feel free to use variations as well. You could also put the keyword in a heading if it makes sense.
  3. Add at least one relevant image to the keyword and include the keyword or related keywords in the image title and alt tag.
  4. Add one video that is related to the target keyword from Youtube. Ideally, the target keyword will be in the title of the video.

Once you do all of the above, you can now go onto step 3.

Step 3 – Tell Google About the Changes

After you add the fresh content you will want to tell Google about it. There are two ways that you can accomplish this very quickly. The first option is to login to your Google Search Console and fetch the URL of the updated page. This will inform Google that the page needs to be crawled again and it will take notice of your added content.

The other way you can have Google quickly crawl your new content is to download the plugin called “Google xml sitemap for videos”. Once downloaded, go to the setting and submit the video sitemap and then ping Google. This option works very quickly as well.

Doing one or both of these options are better than nothing because it will allow you to see the results within a day or two usually. If you let Google crawl your new content by itself it could take a week or two for it to happen.

By submitting a video sitemap via the plugin or fetching as Google within the Search Console will speed up the results.

Step 4 – Monitor the Results

I would suggest keeping track of the keyword rankings and see if you get any improvements. You will usually see results after a couple of days but it can sometimes take a little bit longer. If you see that you move up a couple in Google but, you still aren’t on the first page then you can add even more content. This should keep you moving higher. Keep testing and tweaking until you get the desired results.

Summing things Up

That;s gonna do it for this article. I hope that you enjoyed and will put this sweet little strategy to use. This strategy can be extremely powerful for a site that has been around for a while and has a lot of keywords rankings within Google. Doing this could result in a ton of traffic from very little effort.

If you have any questions about the process feel free to leave them below. Thanks for reading!


Website Investing, Case Studies, and a New Contributor: The Path Forward for NSA

I still remember when I started my first niche site.

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was only vaguely familiar with concepts like keyword research, on-page SEO, PBNs, and conversion rates. I felt like a beginner and it showed: the first two months into my first niche site, I had only earned $18.59 in income!

But that was ok.

The most important thing was that I got started.

A lot of people send me emails asking for advice, and usually my response is: just get started. You will learn as you go. You’re going to make mistakes, but you will improve your process along the way, and you’ll become better through experience.

Fast forward over two years now, and I’ve sold one niche site for more money than I used to make in salary at one of my old office jobs, and my very first niche site has made more than that in Amazon commissions alone.

And I also started this blog.

Boy, going in I had no idea how hard blogging would be. It’s a constant grind: coming up with new content ideas, writing long, detailed posts, while also being able to provide PBN and custom site services to your readers.

The thing about blogging is that you have to consistently produce great content. And that has been my failing with this site.

As you guys obviously know, I have not updated this blog nearly as much as I would have liked to over the past couple of months. The reason? Life kind of just got in the way.

I know I’ve explained a few times here that I have a full-time job that requires a lot of my time, and that’s been a big part of me not updating the site. I get home from work, late, and I just don’t have the time or motivation to write. My wife and I are also in the middle of a move … and we’re also expecting our first baby! So, exciting times. But very busy times as well.

With that said, however, over just a few months, I was able to build an awesome community of readers for this site. I still get emails all the time from people asking me questions.

People are still hungry for information and tips around building niche websites. And so I didn’t want to just let this site die.

So what I’ve decided to do is bring someone on to handle most of the blogging duties here at Niche Site Azon.

Everyone, I want to introduce you to Josh Shogren. Josh has had a lot of success with niche sites and he is the perfect person hand the reins off to.

I first learned about Josh from this interview he did with Doug from Niche Site Project where he revealed that he sold one of his niche sites for nearly $17,000. So, yeah: he clearly knows what he’s doing. I then headed over to Josh’s blog and read all the great content he was producing about both Amazon niche sites, and the Amazon FBA program.

So when I decided that I would be taking a step back from my blog here, Josh was the very first (and only) person I reached out to about taking over the blogging duties here.

Luckily, he agreed.

Without further ado, here’s Josh!

Hey everyone, Josh here!

I want to start by giving a huge thanks to Mike for creating such an awesome resource for niche site builders here at Niche Site Azon. In my opinion, this is the best all around resource when it comes to teaching people how to build successful niche websites and I am honored to be able to take over the blogging duties here.

A Little bit About Myself

Some of you may have heard of me before as I run the site Passion into Paychecks where I have documented my online journey of niche sites, website investing and Amazon FBA.

For those of you who are not familiar with me or my site, which is probably most of you, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am currently 20 years old and a sophomore in college where I attend Western Washington University and I’m pursuing a degree in Finance.


The image above represents two of my favorite things, my girlfriend who I have been dating for over 3 years and the Seahawks. I am a HUGE Seattle Seahawks (still upset about our loss to the Panthers in the playoffs) as well as an just an overall avid sports fan!

I got started with niche websites when I was around 15/16 years old and the first couple of years was a learning experience with a lot of failures. Even though I wasn’t seeing a ton of success I was able to learn what worked vs. what did not and that learning period is what prepared me for my future successes.

I really started to see success the last ~2 years when I was able to create a handful of successful niche sites. One of those niche sites earned me $17,000 in one year after I sold it, this is the site that Mike mentioned earlier in the post.

About 18 months ago I started a niche site case study on my website where I built a niche site from scratch to a point where it is now earning over $1,500 per month. I have also started website investing where I had outside investors (my parents haha) purchase a website for $6,000 and it is now earning over $700/month in profits and valued at $14,000.

I also currently have a couple other niche websites that make me anywhere from $500-$1000 a month.

I am not telling you this stuff to brag, I am telling you about my prior success so that you can trust the info that I will be sharing with you on Niche Site Azon.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about what you can expect from myself and Niche Site Azon moving forward.

What to Expect Moving Forward

Mike has already done an excellent job laying the foundation on how to build successful niche websites so I could take the site in a couple of different directions in terms of the sites content. I have a couple of ideas for the site and I want you to tell me if any of them sound of interest.

Advanced Niche Site Strategies

Over the past 2 years of successfully building out niche websites I have accumulated some advanced strategies and tips that I would love to share. This could range from things such as “how to boost your click through rate to Amazon” to “How to find long tail keywords using an underutilized source”. Whatever the topic or strategy may be, the majority of them are things that I have learned myself and they will not be found anywhere else on the internet.

These tips and strategies will be geared towards the people that already have a niche site up and running however, first time niche site builders can put these to use on their first sites as well.

Website Investing

This is a topic I am PUMPED about and I think there is a lot of potential to make a killing in website investing at the moment. You may have heard of buying and selling websites or “website flipping” and website investing is practically the same thing. However, I prefer to use website investing because it makes you look at website differently.

For example, instead of thinking “wow, I made $500 this month from my website!” you would think in terms of return on investment such as “wow, I made 15% ROI this month!”. This allows you to use websites as an investment vehicle just like stocks and real estate.

There is a ton of content that I could produce around this topic. Some ideas that come off of the top of my head are:

  • How to find websites that are NOT scams on Flippa
  • What to look for when buying a website
  • The best place to buy a website
  • The quickest way to increase a sites earnings once you purchase it
  • The best place to sell websites
  • Possibly a weekly article/video of the best sites currently for sale and WHY I like them
  • Live case studies on websites that I buy and how I go about improving them
  • And a whole lot more!

There are endless amounts of content to produce within this niche because it is so new. So the ideas I listed above is just a small sample.

If you want to learn more about website investing you can check out a couple of posts that I have published on my site, Passion into Paychecks, here:

Niche Site Case Study

Doing a case study documents the process of building and growing a niche site is something that has been done a lot within the niche site space, but people love watching the creation of a site and tactics used to grow it.

We could go about doing this case study in multiple ways but at the bottom of whatever we do, it will be me starting a site and sharing each step of the way as it grows. If this is something that you would like to see then we will come up with a unique way to go about this case study so it isn’t like the million other niche site case studies out there.

Do you Have an Idea?

Do you have an idea or topic that you want me to cover? If so, please share it with me as I would love to produce content that I know people will enjoy.

Your idea could be about ANYTHING! So if anything came to your head while reading this post or you have had an idea for a while, please let me know about it

Help me Out 🙂

It would be a huge help if you would please take a second to take take a quick poll and vote on the type of content that you want to see here at Niche Site Azon.

The poll below will have the ability to vote on all of the options I listed above as well as an option suggest your own idea. Taking this poll will only take 15 or so seconds and it will be a tremendous help for me. Thank you!

Wrapping Things Up

That is going to bring us to the end of the post! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you are as excited for the future here at Niche Site Azon as I am. I am excited to take NSA to the next level and continue to help as many people as possible create an income from niche websites.

I hope to see you all around the site and thank you again for reading!


I Sold Niche Site #2 (Plus An Update)

Hi all,

First, I’d like to apologize for my extended absence in not updating the blog for a while. I’ve had a lot going on these past several weeks, which you’ll read about in the update below.

The main reason for the lack of new posts is because I sold my Niche Site #2!

Here’s what happened.

About six weeks ago, a buyer reached out to me via email and was wondering if I had any interest in selling Niche Site #2. (This person is somewhat well known in the internet marketing space, though I will be keeping his identity anonymous per his request). Regular readers of the blog know that Niche Site #2 had been growing steadily over the past several months, and was approaching the $2,000 per month threshold, nearly on auto-pilot.

I initially told the buyer I hadn’t really given much thought to selling the site, but was curious to hear if he had a number in mind. Since I make my income reports public, he knew exactly how much NS2 was earning, so clearly he must have given thought to how much he was willing to pay.

As many of you know, in the niche site field, niche sites are generally bought and sold around that 20x-25x monthly earnings clip, as it’s done on Empire Flippers and FE International, among other brokers. So going into our negotiations, we already had a framework to work around. So we started to throw some numbers around.

After a few weeks of back-and-forth negotiation over email, we reached a deal. I agreed to “consult” on the site for three months, and generally offer any advice that I could to ensure that the site continued to grow. I also included all of the PBN sites that were pointing to NS2, which was a huge selling point.

Now, as part of the deal, there are several things which I cannot disclose, and that includes the final buying price. But what I can tell you is that the purchase price was in that 20x-25x valuation, so you can give yourself a reasonable idea on how much I was able to sell the site for.

Why did I decide to sell?

To be honest, I gave a lot of thought about not selling the site and just keeping it in my portfolio. As I mentioned, the site was approaching the $2,000 per month clip, was growing at a steady pace, was not requiring much time on my end to upkeep, and most importantly, I was in the middle of a white-hat link-building campaign that was starting to see serious results, including an editorial link from BuzzFeed. So I was pretty sure the site would continue to grow, and that was part of the negotiation.

At the same time, you have to remember, this entire niche site game really is a “side gig” for me. I have a full-time job, a wife, and an entire life away from this whole internet marketing thing. So while I loved cashing those monthly checks from Amazon, the thought of being able to cash-in on a much larger lump-sum was even more enticing. While this isn’t life-changing money, the wife and I have been looking at buying a house, and this move will make that dream even closer to a reality.

The other benefit of this sale is that I was able to sidestep using a website broker and paying that 15% fee. As I noted, the buyer who reached out to me is somewhat known in the internet marketing space — someone who I already knew of before he contacted me — so that made doing a private sale a smarter move to make.

What does this mean for Niche Site Azon?

I’ve also been giving a lot of thought to this blog, and how selling NS2 will effect things over here. And the truth is, nearly everything I know about building niche sites is something I’ve already covered on the blog.

Really, if you take all the posts I’ve written, and read them in order, you could consider all the content a full-on e-book.

From finding your market, to identifying profitable products on Amazon, to performing keyword research, to writing content for your niche sites, to using PBN links to help your sites rank, all the way to growing out your site in the first six months, I’ve written about every part of the niche site building process.

Does that mean that’s the end of the blog? Not necessarily. I think I’ll be doing new posts here and there, just not as often. In terms of my portfolio, I’m really only left with NS1, and there’s only so many new topics that I can write about.

What about the PBN and Custom Niche Site services?

The thing is, over the past two months, even though the blog hasn’t been updated, I’ve still been providing services for my PBN and Custom Niche Site customers.

And these are services that I will continue to offer.

So if you are interested in any PBN links, or would like me to build you a brand new niche site from scratch, do get in touch.

Going forward

So yeah, that’s what’s been going on with me and my niche sites these past several weeks. I just wanted to provide an update of all the recent developments, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


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