Custom Niche Sites

When I first started out with niche sites, I had no idea what I was doing.

​I was overwhelmed with all of the steps involved just to get started:

  • Identifying a profitable niche.
  • Targeting high-volume but rankable keywords.
  • Writing optimizing, & organizing all of your content.
  • Getting those first few backlinks built to your site.

All of these things can become a big and expensive time suck if you don’t know what you’re doing.

​Which is why I decided to start offering Custom Niche Sites to my readers.

What is a Custom Niche Site?

​Basically, I will build you a niche site from scratch.

​I will help you research a niche, identify the keywords, write and format all of the content, and include a premium theme from Thrive Themes and the amazing Thrive Content Builder, so you can focus on growing out the site.

Oh, and I’ll also throw in 1 free PBN link from my PBN Service, as a special bonus ($29 value).​

In terms of turnaround time, you can expect to have your site completed in 3-4 weeks.​

What's Included​

Thrive Theme & Thrive Content Builder​

To get you started on the right foot, your Custom Niche Site will include:

  • Premium Thrive Themes theme ($49 value)
  • Thrive Content Builder to create beautiful, conversion-focused content ($108 value)

Niche Selection & Keyword Research

One of the most common problems I see among niche site builders is that they pick a niche that is either too competitive, or doesn’t have the potential to be very profitable.

​With my Custom Niche Sites, you don’t have to worry about that. I will do all of the work, if you want. If you are already set on a niche, that works, too.

Each site will include:​

I will research and select which niches to enter, and do all the keyword research in (note: I am no longer using Long Tail Pro).

Of course, if you already have a niche in mind and want to move forward with that particular niche, I can do that as well.

What kind of niches will be offered?

Anything that has profitable products for sale on Amazon and is rankable on Page 1, really.

You can expect sites that are targeting keywords with at least 5,000 Local Monthly Searches for the two most important keywords “best {product type}” and “{product type} reviews” and their variations.

The niche will also feature products which a majority are selling for $50 or more. I’ll be using the AmaSuite 4 software to pinpoint the best-selling products on Amazon for you to promote.

And I’ll be providing free reports of my keyword research from, and product research from AmaSuite 4, with every Custom Niche Site that I sell.​

Content Creation 

Once I’ve selected a niche and keywords to target, I will provide all of the written content for the site.

The written content will consist of the following:

  • A 3,500+ word home page featuring five product reviews, and additional “what to look for” and “benefits of [product-type]” sections.
  • A pricing table on the homepage, including 10 of the best-selling products in the niche.
  • Five additional individual 500-word review posts.
  • In total, over 6,000 words of highly-targeted, conversion-focused content written by my personal product-review writer.

1 PBN Link 

No matter how well a niche site is researched and written, we all know that it’s incredibly difficult to see any rankings without backlinks.

For that reason, as part of every Custom Niche Site that I’m selling, I’m including 1 free PBN link from my PBN Service (valued at $29) to get you off on the right foot. You can cash in this link whenever you like.

I typically sell 5 of these links for $147; you’re getting 1 for free.

Email Support

If for whatever reason after purchasing a Custom Niche Site you’re feeling stuck about what to do next, then don’t worry -- just send me an e-mail. For each Custom Niche Site, I’m offering free e-mail consulting support, where you just send me a question, and I’ll get back to you as fast as possible.

That said, you should be familiar with WordPress, how to create and edit posts, how to manipulate a theme, etc. What I'm selling are custom made sites, not 24/7 WordPress support 🙂

What's Not Included

Domain Registration & Hosting

You will need to register a domain, have it hosted, install the default WordPress, and then give us temporary user access to build the site.


So, to recap, with each Custom Niche Site, you will receive:

  • A brand new niche site with a premium Thrive theme ($49 value).
  • All the niche and keyword research done for you.
  • All of the content written and organized for you (6,000+ words of content).
  • Thrive Content Builder to make your site beautiful and conversion-focused ($108 value).
  • 1 free PBN link from my PBN Service ($29 value).
  • Turnaround time on average of 3-4 weeks.

Each Custom Niche Site will be priced at $447, payable via PayPal.


"Can I See an Example?"

Yes, and chances are, you've already seen it.

To give you a general idea of what a custom niche site would look like and how it would be laid out (minus all the fancy buttons & design; that took forever to create), check out this niche site which I researched and built from scratch:​

"How Much Can I Expect to Earn?"

Using the handy AmaProfits calculator, we can get a very rough estimate of how much revenue each site is capable of earning on a monthly basis.

By plugging into the calculator different variables such as monthly keyword searches, average SERP position, average Amazon purchase, and different conversion rates, we can get an idea of each site’s earnings potential.

I make these estimates for each site available to you before you make your purchase, so you can be comfortable with how much money the site can earn with a high ranking in Google.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that no matter what type of niche you enter, it is going to require work on your end to grow the site. This involves adding content, and creating backlinks. See this post for a lot more detail on growing out your niche site.

"How Can I Buy One?"

I am handling all orders directly through email. So if you want to check out some of the niches that I currently have, and would like to place an order, please contact me using this form.

You can also check out some niches I've picked for you here and buy one of them. Only 1 site gets made for each niche.

Any Other Questions?

As many of you already know, I’m always available to chat via e-mail, so feel free to reach out by contacting me here.

Talk soon