Powerful, Affordable PBN Service

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To increase your rankings in the SERPs.

An affordable option for acquiring high-quality PBN links.

A completely hands-off experience.

Done-for-You Private Blog Network Service:

  • Premium, clean domains: I personally find & spam-check every domain.
  • Powerful metrics: PA28+, DA13+, TF13+. CF15+.
  • Done-for-You Solution: I find, register, host,  build, and maintain all of the sites, and provide all the content.
  • Affordable: $197 for 5 posts, 2 links allowed per post. One-time fee (no monthly cost).

Are You Building Niche Websites But Not Seeing Any Rankings or Sales...

When I created my very first niche site, I was three months into it and seeing no results whatsoever.

​The problem wasn't my niche, or my content (though neither were ideal as a first-timer). The problem was that I had no idea how to acquire high-powered backlinks

I was spinning my wheels creating useless blog comments and forum links, getting nowhere. And then I discovered the power of private blog network links.

Now, I am consistently making on average $3,500+ per month in passive income with Amazon affiliate sites, and did $27,000+ with a single niche site in 12 months.

High-quality backlinks are still the single most important ranking factor in Google.

Building your own PBN is time-consuming, confusing, and extremely costly. Buying PBN links from unknown sellers will likely get you a bunch of useless junk, while buying PBN links from well-known sellers will cost you a small fortune.

Which is why I decided to start a network for my email subscribers, where you’ll get the following benefits:

I Find, Register, and Host the Domains

Finding a good quality expired domain takes a lot of time, and practice. From scraping to spam-checking to double-checking the metrics, it's a lot of time-consuming work. 

Not to mention finding dozens of unique hosting options, changing the nameservers, and installing Wordpress and all the various plug-ins​.

I handle all of this for you.

I Create 100% Original, Unique, Engaging Content

The most important thing about content on PBN sites is that it be unique and 100% original.

My writers will quickly create unique content relevant to the domain subject matter, and will then tie each article back to your money site, so that it makes sense.​

I Link Back to Your Sites, Giving You Some Sweet Link Juice

Each package includes posts on five separate domains, and each post allows for two backlinks back to your money site.

All of the domains in the network have been hand-selected and spam-checked by me, and they average PA28+, DA13+, TF13+, and CF15+.

I Provide You a Full Report, Within Two Weeks

When you're paying for backlinks, you deserve to know where they're being placed.

That's why, when your order is complete, I send you a complete report of the URLs and all the important domain metrics, so you can verify your links.

Turnaround time is less than two weeks, usually much faster. 

Interested in Buying a Package? 

I'm handling all orders on a one-by-one basis, personally, by e-mail.

Click the button below to send me an e-mail, and let me know if you have any questions.

All payments will be made via PayPal. $197 for 5 posts, 2 links per post.