A True 4HWW Case Study: Part 2 – Getting Started

Hey guys! It's been a week since I posted the first part of this case study and it was really nice to see your comments encouraging me. 

Let's have a quick recap of what I wanted to accomplish in this week, what I've actually done, problem's I've encountered, the real amount of hours and the $ cost to execute. I'll probably follow this format for the next updates aswell. Tell me in the comments if you like it? 😀

​Week 1 Summary

  • Create Social Fortress and IFTTT - Check
  • Get blog comments done - Check (50 total)
  • Get Local Citations - Check (20 total)
  • Get Press Release - Check
  • Find 20 KGR keywords - Check

Time is Money is Time is Money is...

But you know that already.  Time is money.  And money can buy time (some one else's, of course). I've put a total of 3.75h during week one .

Here's what each thing has costed so far:

  • Local Citations: $25 (PBNbutler)
  • Blog comments: $6 (Fiverr guy)
  • Press Release: $55 (PBNbutler)

What I didn't know about KGR keywords...

 I probably spent 80% of the time finding KGR keywords. I'm not counting the time spent watching Doug's youtube videos about it or thinking how to streamline the process so it isn't super-manual (because time)

Have you ever had an epiphany while sitting on the toilet? I've had a few.  Here's one:

Click the button below to download a spreadsheet with my latest toilet idea

The spreadsheet consist on a list of keywords (that you must populate yourself but we'll see how in a second) on column A, a combined allintitle: query URL on column B, Column C is the allintitle results, D is the SV and E will spit a value. Green is KGR, orange is good but not idea, red is a no.

Plug a keyword, copy the result in column B, open the url in a new tab, check results.​

Here's a replay of one webinar from Doug Cunnington explaining the KGR in better detail.

The best piece of information there is to use the Chrome extension Keywords Everywhere and to use google's suggestion at the bottom of the results page to get new ideas. 

You can click on those keywords and get even more ideas, which is what ultimately has helped me get my KGR keywords.

The problem however, is that it was damn hard to find 20.  I think there's actually quite a lot of competitors because the overall topic (not the niche product) is about weight (fitness) and that space is crazy competitive.

So even if I could find some good KGR keywords around the niche product, once I run out of "easy wins" i started thinking outside of the box and going for related topics that could end up on me recommending the product, but the space is brutal.

I mean, it's a massive pie to split though. One of the big three (Health & Fitness, Make money, Relationships & Dating). So, for as long as I'm able to claim a very little chunk of that pie, I'll still be making money and I'm cool with that.

You can use Keyword Shitter combined with Keywords Everywhere and the spreadsheet I shared above to find your KGR keywords.

Citations: doing it right.

​The idea behind using Local Citations comes from this post.

Essentially, they build trust, provide with good link velocity and branded anchors. They have 2 problems.

1. Indexing.

2. Need some initial setup to be useful.

Indexation is solved via the video sitemap trick (hats off to Matt for sharing so much knowledge) and​ the initial setup goes as following:

Find a commercial building that's unclaimed (alas, no other business is registered there) in any random city you like inside your target country as described it Matt's post (in my case US). Get the address and use a fake phone generator​ to get a phone number. T

Then, plug that data into Local Business Schema Generator and you'll get a chunk of HTML code that basically shows that data in a structured fashion google can easily read.

Go to widgets, footer, place an HTML item there and paste the schema markup for NAP there.

Add the same NAP info in all your social profiles.  

That's all the initial setup you need for the citations to work. It took me roughly 20 minutes of work and 10 minutes of figuring it out (never used schema before) so I just saved you 10 minutes. Use them wisely for another purposes of your liking. Kitten vids, for instance.

Alright, I think that covers everything I've done this week, including challenges and discoveries!

Next week I'll order content for the KGR articles and place the initial PBN links. I'm already considering 4-5 different link providers, but I'd love to hear suggestions from you guys!

Daniel Stark

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Avi - July 17, 2017


great post thank you for the excel sheet. Question where did you Create Social Fortress and IFTTT from? did you do it yourself? which ones did you create? fro the blog comments which fiver guy did you use is he good?

last but not least in the excel sheet you have to put c and d in your self right?

Thank You

    Daniel Stark - July 21, 2017

    I did the profiles myself and the IFTTT aswell (few years working for a Media company get you very fast at that, I spent roughly 30 minutes). It’s fairly easy to be honest, I’ve only did Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Tumblr (nameofmysite.tumblr.com, i got adviced by someone on FB to do it and then use to send links to my site). so it isn’t something crazy like 20 or 30 profiles.

    Yes, you’ve got to put C & D by yourself. A friend is working a on a little automation to get that automatically so one just has to fill column A.

    Fiverr coments just got delivered 2 days ago. Spammed to death pages. Should have asked for samples first. It’s all branded anchors anyway so hopefully won’t harm.

      avi - July 21, 2017

      One more question where did you get:

      1) Press Release
      2) and did you do this yourself or a service blog comments?

      Thank You

        Daniel Stark - August 10, 2017

        I got the Press Release from PBNbutler and the blog comments from a guy on Fiverr (I can’t however recommend him, spammed to death blogs he used)

Res - July 17, 2017

Where’d you get the social fortress and IFTTT done?

Thanks for the great post!

    Daniel Stark - July 21, 2017

    Hey Res. I did those myself. If you’re only using a handful of social networks it’s fairly easy to implement.

    thanks for your comment!

Toto - July 17, 2017

Good update, thanks for the citations hint. I read Matt’s post ages ago but never figured out how to execute it.
I still don’t get it, how do you confirm the address especially for google my business if you don’t live in the country like in your case?

    Daniel Stark - July 21, 2017

    I didn’t get the GMB part haha. Just picked a random commercial building that had no other businesses on that location.

Brandon - July 18, 2017

I’d love to see a video of the local citation process – even if there’s no audio. Or a step by step post – can see that going viral!

Esp since you seem to have shortcut/improved the process over Diggity’s method.

I’d be happy to share my KGR method too and can provide a video file if you want, which takes about 6-8 seconds or less per keyword done manually (I’ve been as fast as 4 seconds per keyword).

    Daniel Stark - July 21, 2017

    Please Brandon, you’re most welcome to do so. I’ll be happy to spend 8 seconds per KGR hahaha.

      Brandon James - July 26, 2017

      Here’s a file to link: http://www.filetolink.com/c99142e2dd not sure what your email address is, etc.

      Now I’d like to see the IFTTT thing you’re doing in more detail! You make it sound easy, but I have no idea what it is.

      I get that you create some social profiles, but what’s the IFTTT part?

      Thanks, great case study so far.

        Daniel Stark - August 1, 2017

        Thanks Brandon, I’ll have a look at the file later.

        for the IFTTT thing:


        login and then you can search for “twitter” or any other social profile. You’ll see options to “twit when you post on Facebook” for instance. Turn those on by logging into your social profiles then giving IFTTT permission to post. That’s pretty much it.

        You can go fancier, but f**k fancy. That will work.

Ronald - July 18, 2017

Love the format!

    Daniel Stark - July 21, 2017

    Thanks Ronald!

Rony Jahid - July 22, 2017

Hi Daniel, I like it as you explore the things for help others, do you suggest any helpful/informative and actionable process to get backlink via outreach, any outreach email formats or any helpful actionable tactics?

    Daniel Stark - August 1, 2017

    I still don’t have any idea how I’ll execute the outreach part haha. When I jump into that I’ll share my email templates, what responses I get, how I do the process etc. It’s just a bit further ahead.

Paul - July 26, 2017

Sup dude,

What made you go for blog comments? Is it for diluting anchor texts? Curious.

    Daniel Stark - August 1, 2017

    They’re just cheap and allow to create more links with branded anchors “Author Name” “http://mmg.com” “mmg” etc. I’ve modified the site so the homepage is just a blogroll and i’ll add an author bio at some point, so I don’t care if they’re a bit low quality.

Sean - July 26, 2017

Hi Daniel, what IFTTT recipes do you use for your social media accounts and do you create a new Google account for each new website or just use your personal account?

    Daniel Stark - August 1, 2017

    Errr I only have this site so I don’t have that trouble of multiple accounts yet. I just did a gmail address “[email protected]” and the IFTTT is set so that:

    I share the post on Facebook. It gets syndicated to Pinterest, Google +, Twitter and posted on a Tumblr. It’s fairly easy to do in IFTTT. you just need to be logged in in all your social properties, create an IFTTT account and then give permisions. Pretty basic


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