A True 4HWW Case Study: Part 3 – Reality Check

Hey guys and gals, this week is an interesting one. Don't read interesting as "cool" but rather as "complex".

It's about plans not going as expected. It's also about finding solutions, eating that frog and reminding that worth-pursuing projects will always test you.

Let's get started.

Week 2 Summary

  • Get Social Signals - Check
  • Get initial PBN links - Check (10 total)
  • Order KGR Articles - Delayed
  • Find 5 more "best" or "review" keywords - Check

Time input and Expenses for the week

I've put a total of 5 hours of work on the site this week, plus possibly 2-3 more hours figuring out a solution for an R&D funding problem. We'll talk about that in a second. Let's see the expenses for the week:

  • Social Signals: $14 (PBNbutler)
  • PBN Links: $200 (Konker, I'm just 60% sure of this purchase. We'll see)
  • R&D problem: probably close to 2,000€

You may be wondering what the F is that problem to be so expensive.

It was a Rain and Drift problem.  It involves rain, a roundabout and my VW Golf hitting the curb with the right rear wheel because I'm stupid. I won't go into details.

So my ride goes to the garage and my finances get messed up. After I pay the bill (hopefully it'll be fixed next week) I'll be left with ca. 100€ in my bank account for the month.

Moral of the story: Even if you trace a fool proof plan, if you're still part of the equation,  it isn't fool proof.

If life thows you s**t, remember to mix it and make a profit. 

In rural areas of some countries, cow s**t is mixed with grass, dried out and used to start fires and other uses.

Dung patties dry on the wall of a coal-fired brick oven. They're rolled into cakes, then stuck on the wall with the smack of a hand, leaving an imprint.

So I mixed my s**t to kickstart my own little bonfire.

I had a talk with a good friend of mine who's into mechanics (because, well, R&D) and he had a look at the car, recommended me a garage, laughed at me for being so dumb, etc.

During the conversation, I mentioned how much it frustrated me because I needed the money to start this little website project of mine​ and he was intrigued, like "Huh? tell me more".

He's obsessed with the gym and is quite knowledgeable about the topic of my site so I was like "Ok, here's the site". He suggested we partner up. He buys half of it, (I explained how much I'd paid for it from HPD and how much I'd spent so far) we fund the next stages 50/50 and cash out as soon as we can sell the site for $10,000 or more. ​

I thought "why not".  We pretty much agree that I'll do stuff as planned (with maybe some gaps) and he'll vet the content. He'll read every article we get and check it's not full of "broscience" (that's a thing apparently).

Here's a question for you. Do you ever talk to your "offline" friends about your websites? Would you consider partnering with one like I've done?​

A PR problem

So the funding problem for the next stages is solved. Great.  Then I get an email from PBNbutler. Media outlets refuse to syndicate the Press Release  because of the topic (a health consumable) I work in Media and I'm actually not surprised.

I guess the site is too small and too focused on that product at this point. They offered a full refund which I accepted.

The Press Release did get out on some news portals and directories (something like 20-30) but it didn't get syndicated. So technically I got 20-30 nofollow PR links for free?


Spacing things out.

Not this sort of space tho

The PBN links order was placed yesterday. It's a 10 link package from a famous seller on Konker. You won't need me to tell you who, it's right on the front page. 

I decided to put 6 links to the homepage and 4 links on info articles. No specific reasoning besides maybe gathering a bit more authority at the domain level.​ I've read a lot that every time you add links to your site, it boosts the whole DA anyway.

I was meant (according to the plan) to ​order my KGR articles but after going through them, I realized some keywords were actually referring to the same question.

I then read this article from Mr KGR and I thought "ok, so I need more keywords" and decided to find the 5 other keywords first, then group them with the KGR ones and order it all together. Now I have a very nice mix of "best blabla for xyz",  question keywords, and other "best blabla" that are other products (to broaden the site a bit)

​Because that's a $450 article pack that I want to buy (from HPD's), and 50% of that (my part now that I have a partner) is still out of my purchasing power for this month, I'll be placing the order on August 1st when I get my salary.

This way I may even be able to get a little guideline done for the writers so I know that each article on MMG looks similar in format and style to each other. 

Things never seem to go to plan with case studies and online business in general, so I'm a bit frustrated that I'm only a few posts into this and already have some delays.​

Don't worry, I'll get there.​

What's next?

Next week the plan is to get an infographic, some web 2.0s and buy the review articles.

The updated plan is to get an infographic, buy the article pack (KGR and other review+best articles) and I'm not entirely sure about 2.0s.

I've been reading more and apparently web 2.0s require quite some work on setting them up so they look legit to stay indexed. That's a word combination I don't like.

I would go with The Hoth but the $250 maybe are better invested on content?

So, what are your thoughts on this? I'll appreciate your inputs!​

See you down at the comments 😉

Daniel Stark

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Jackie Bolen - July 24, 2017

For sure go with the Hoth for web 2.0 instead of spending that money on content. Writing content is at least decently interesting and fun, but building the 2.0? It’s the most tedious, mind-numbing thing I could possibly ever imagine doing, PLUS you still have to write the content for it.

    Franck - July 25, 2017

    Which $250 HOTH do you guys refer to?

      Daniel Stark - August 10, 2017

      The HOTH (classic) Platinum package with filipino content.

tommaso - July 25, 2017

hi there, i’m a novice in the niche sites topic and i’m following your articles..

but i don’t understand exactly what you mean for “2.0” , “building a 2.0”??? and similar!!

thanks for clarifications, tommaso

    Daniel Stark - August 10, 2017

    2.0s are free websites such as wordpress.com, blogspot.com or wix.com where anyone can open a blog (which will be then hosted under the main site, and the end URL would be “yourblog.wordpress.com”

    Because the root domain (wordpress.com) is powerful, those blogs pass some link juice to the site. However not all do (most of them are nofollow links by default given the overly-spammy use they’ve recieved in the past) and the amount of juice depends aswell on how powerful the actual blog (yourblog.wordpress.com) is.

    By building we refer to adding content, posts, images, videos, an “about” page etc. Pretty much like any other regular website which needs pages with content and info etc.


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