Results From 10 Rank Guardian Customers

Now that we’ve been up and running for a few months with Rank Guardian, there are quite a few customers who have come through the doors.

We’ve been tracking all of their rankings (it’s part of what we offer), and today I wanted to share screenshots from 10 of those customers.

To protect the customer and their site we are of course hiding the actual keywords that they rank for, but these screenshots should still serve as useful proof that our links are working.

Not only that, it helps you understand the kind of timeframes we are dealing with. Not every site experiences results in the same period of time, and sometimes it takes Google longer to find the links, but if you check out the 10 screenshots below, you’ll notice some clear patterns:

  • It usually takes about a week for the links to start kicking in
  • Once the links get indexed, there’s a decent jump in rankings
  • As more links get found, rankings often continue to slowly climb.

Some of the screenshots below are for a customer who bought multiple Rank Guardian packages, but most of them are from just one package only.

Site 1

Keyword: [product] reviews

Search Volume: 2,900

Ranking Boost: From pos 25 to pos 9 in around 6 weeks.


Site 2

Keyword: [product] reviews

SV: 2,400

Boost: 31 to 17 in 4 weeks.


Site 3

Keyword: City + service

SV: 720

Boost: From 4 to 1 in 1 week.


Site 4

Keyword: City + service

SV: 1,300

Boost: 7 to 2 in 3 weeks.


Site 5

Keyword: Best [product]

SV: 1,600

Boost: Pos 20 to 11 in 3-4 weeks


Site 6

Keyword: Best [product]

SV: 590

Boost: 18 to 10 in 4 weeks.



Site 7

Keyword: Best [product]

SV: 6,600

Boost: 16 to 5 in 4 weeks.


Site 8

Keyword: Best [Product]


Boost: 21 to 8 in 3 weeks.


Site 9

Keyword: [product] reviews

SV: 1,300

Boost: 67 to 21 in 2 weeks


Site 10

Keyword: [product name] review

SV: 880

Boost: 18 to 8 in 3 weeks


Final Thoughts

It’s pretty clear to see the patterns in the above screenshots, which I will reiterate now.

Links usually take 3-4 weeks to get results, but in some cases can have an effect faster. One thing we’ve noticed since Penguin 4 went live though is that links are taking a little bit longer to work. Now it might be 4-6 weeks before you really start to see a boost.

Most of these results were achieved with just 1 link package, so getting to the top 3 positions is likely doable with 2-3 orders. There is always more resistance and slower movement once you get closer to the top.

Finally, what you CAN’T see from these screenshots is that all of these sites were well optimized and primed to jump up the SERPS. Some sites won’t budge, and that’s because there is an issue with the site itself. No amount of links can fix bad on page SEO or poorly optimized keywords.

This is why a big part of what we do before taking your order is to analyze your site and the competition, and give you our thoughts on the number of links that you might need. Additionally, if we think you need to work on the on-site SEO first, we will definitely advise you of this.

It could just be a case of adding more words, using the keywords slightly better, or it might be a whole mess of things you need to fix. We can’t say for sure until we know what we are working with.

As you can see though, we are pretty good at getting results!

If you want similar results, or you want to learn more about what we do, then check out our Rank Guardian service here.


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